2013 Indian Myna Conference

“Towards Best Practice Indian Myna Control”

Date:  Wednesday, 19th June 2013 

Venue:  Discovery Centre, CSIRO, Black Mt, ACT      http://goo.gl/maps/Fb7EH


Conference Papers:

2013 Conference Program

2013 Conference Abstracts

2013 Conference Wrap-up Summary

Additional Papers:

Community-Action: a Model to Reduce Indian Mynas

Council and the community working together ensures a successful start to
the Eurobodalla Indian Myna Control Program

Lismore Indian Myna Control Program - a new initiative with the “Major Myna” trap

Myna Control Underway in Far North Queensland

Managing refugial Common Myna nests at the landscape scale

Response Strategies for the Common (Indian) Myna

Possible Management Structures for Indian Myna Control

Indian Myna Project for Mid North Coast - Achievements and Future Direction

Powerpoint Presentations:

Kate Grarock: The common myna: introduction, spread, impact and control (PDF, 9.4Mb)

Susana Saavedra: Management experiences with invasive mynas on islands (PDF, 7.02Mb)

Wollongong City Council: Indian Myna Action Program (PDF, 9.71Mb)