Media Articles

Response Strategies for the Common (Indian) Myna
Bill Handke, Canberra Indian Myna Action Group Inc
May 2014
(PDF, 149Kb)

World-first scientific evidence that Indian Mynas harm native
Australian bird populations

Media Release from the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
8 August 2012
(PDF, 42Kb)

How many Common Mynas in the ACT?
article by Martin Butterfield, Coordinator, Garden Bird Survey, Canberra Ornithologists Group Inc.
29 June 2009
(PDF, 151Kb)

CIMAG Case Study—A study in Community-action, May 2009,
article by Bill Handke, President, CIMAG
(PDF, 497Kb)

Tackling Indian Mynas
Powerpoint presentation

Item for IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group Pacific IM Initiative
(PDF, 216Kb)

Returning some balance - tackling Indian Mynas, article by
Bill Handke, President, CIMAG. Published in Friends of the
Australian National Botanic Gardens Newsletter
July 2007
(PDF, 139Kb)

Tackling the Dreaded Indian Myna, article by
Bill Handke, President, CIMAG
(PDF, 23Kb)

AvIan Whimsy, article by Ian Fraser
Published in Gang-gang, newsletter of
Canberra Ornithologistst Group (COG),
September 2006
(PDF, 25Kb)

Conference Papers

Indian Myna Conference, Canberra, 19 June 2013:
Conference Papers
(NB: The presentations can be viewed on Youtube:
people should open up Youtube and search for “2013 Indian Myna Conference”)

Indian Myna Regional Conference, Nowra, 13 May 2009:
Report Summary (PDF, 121Kb)
The Three Models for Myna Control (PDF, 16Kb)
(NB: Presentations and the formal report will be included here at a later date)

Indian Myna Workshop Proceedings, workshop
convened by the NSW North Coast
Indian Myna Action Group,
Coffs Harbour, 23 October 2007
(PDF, 2.3Mb)

Scientific Papers

Investigating response to control: a comparison of common
myna behaviour across areas of high and low trapping pressure

Marie C. Diquelou, Geoff R. MacFarlane and Andrea S. Griffin
July 2018
(PDF, 481Kb)

Opportunistic observations of travel distances
in Common Mynas (Acridotheres tristis)

Chloe Peneaux and Andrea S. Griffin
December 2015
(PDF, 454Kb)

Case Study on the impacts of common (Indian) mynas
on other bird species and the effectiveness of
community trapping in Canberra

PestSmart, Invasive Animals CRC
February 2014
(PDF, 568Kb)

Does Human-Induced Habitat Modification Influence the Impact
of Introduced Species? A Case Study on Cavity-Nesting
by the Introduced Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis)
and Two Australian Native Parrots

Kate Grarock, David Lindenmayer, Jeffrey Wood and Chris Tidemann
May 2013
(PDF, 465Kb)

Are invasive species drivers of native species decline or
passengers of habitat modification? A case study of the
impact of the common myna (Acridotheres tristis) on
Australian bird species

Kate Grarock, Chris Tidemann, Jeffrey Wood and David Lindenmayer
(PDF, 465Kb)

Is It Benign or Is It a Pariah? Empirical Evidence for the
Impact of the Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) on
Australian Birds

Kate Grarock, Chris Tidemann, Jeffrey Wood and David Lindenmayer
July 2012
(PDF, 942Kb)

Euthanasia of pest sturnids in nestboxes
Chris Tidemann, Kate Grarock and Daryl King
June 2011
(PDF, 79Kb)

The use of petrol engine exhaust fumes for the euthanasia of trapped birds
Glen Saunders, Vertebrate Pests, NSW Dept of Industry & Investment
January 2010
(PDF, 37Kb)

Investigation into the potential for broad-scale control of Mynas by
trapping at communal roosts - Final Report

Chris Tidemann, Fenner School of Environment & Society, ANU
March 2010
(PDF, 3.17Mb)

Social learning about places: observers may need to detect both
social alarm and its cause to learn

Andrea Griffin, Hayley Boyce and Geoff MacFarlane
(PDF, 208Kb)

Indian mynahs, Acridotheres tristis, learn about dangerous places by
observing the fate of others

Andrea Griffin and Hayley Boyce
May 2009
(PDF, 183Kb)

The Indian Myna Pest Animal Risk Assessment (2009)
Anna Markula, Martin Hannan-Jones and Steve Csurhes, Qld DPI
(PDF, 1.07Mb)

“The Indian Myna Pest Animal Risk Assessment (2009) is copied here by the kind permission of the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Queensland (DEEDI). For further information on pest risk assessments, please see or contact DEEDI by phoning the Customer Service Centre on  07 3404 6999, by email or visiting the web site

First Control Campaign for Common Myna on Ascension Island 2009
Susana Saavedra (2009) (PDF, 4.94Mb)

Practicality and humaneness of euthanasia of pest birds
with compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide
(CO) from petrol engine exhaust

Tidemann & King (2009), published in
CSIRO Wildlife Research, v36, pp522-527
(PDF, 184Kb)

The Impact of Two Exotic Hollow-nesting Birds on Two Native Parrots in
Savanah and Woodland in Eastern Australia
, Pell & Tidemann (1996)
(PDF, 1.19Mb)

Review of the Biology and Ecology of the Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) and
some implications for management of this invasive species
, Pacific Invasives Initiative
(PDF, 866Kb)

ANU Academic Papers Summary
(MHTML page)

ISSG Database Impact Information for Acridotheres tristis
(MHTML page)

The Singing Garden

Gimme the town an' its clamour an' clutter;
I ain't very fond of the bush;
For my cobbers are coves of the gardens and gutter --
A tough metropolitan push.
I ain't never too keen on the countryfied life;
It's the hustle an' bustle for me an' me wife.

So I swagger an' strut an' I cuss an' I swagger;
I'm wise to the city's hard way.
A bit of a bloke an' a bit of a bragger;
I've always got plenty to say.
Learned thro' knockin' about since my people came out
From the land at the back of Bombay.

When out in the bush I am never a ranger;
There never ain't nothin' to see.
Besides, them bush birds got no time for a stranger;
So town an' the traffic for me.
I sleep in the gardens an' loaf in the street,
An' sling off all day at the fellers I meet.

An' I swagger an' scold an' strut an' I swagger,
An' pick up me fun where I can,
Or tell off me wife, who's a bit of a nagger,
Or scrap with the sparrers for scran.
A bonzer at bluffin', I give you my word,
For, between you an' me, I'm a pretty tough bird.

"Den" (C. J. Dennis 1876-1938)
Herald, 7 January 1933, p8 - Number 25 in the Bush Birds series.