Canberra Indian Myna Action Group

Dealing with Trapped Birds

The method used for disposing of trapped birds is to be quick, painless, and stress-free.

Acceptable euthanising methods include gassing with carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

    • if using carbon monoxide, you must use a car with a cold engine: do not use diesel vehicles
    • place the containment chamber with the trapped birds in a near-airtight bag or box, connect a grey water hose / pipe from the car exhaust pipe into the bag / box and run the cold car for 1½ minutes or so, walk away for a further minute while the gas settles: the birds should be unconscious within 10-15 seconds and dead within 30-40 seconds. If it takes longer than 30-40 seconds for the birds to die peacefully there is something wrong with your technique, and you should contact CIMAG for advice.

We prefer that cervical dislocation (breaking their necks) is not used, except by qualified professionals and then is to be instantaneous, with minimal handling of the birds. Our preference is that trappers do not adopt this method as it is stressful to the birds in the trap, unpleasant and can allow birds to escape.

Disposal of dead birds

Dead birds are to be disposed of in a hygienic and environmentally sound way, as per CIMAG advice.