Canberra Indian Myna Action Group

Request A Trap and Join CIMAG

If you are in the Canberra / Queanbeyan / Yass region and are interested in reducing Myna numbers, we encourage you to join CIMAG and get a trap, by submitting a request here.  Membership is free and entitles you to the very effective PeeGee trap and various information materials (a donation to cover the cost of trap materials is appreciated). You will be part of the thousands of others committed to this cause. People wishing to trap need to sign the Protocol on Animal Welfare (see below) that has been endorsed by the ACT RSPCA, and follow the guidelines for trap management (see Trapping Help Sheet below)

For People in NSW, Vic or Qld

There are now a number of community myna-control groups operating in the eastern States (see contact list in Public Resources section) as well as local councils that provide traps. If your area is not listed, then contact the environmental officer / pest control officer of your local council as they may have a program in place or may have contact details for a group in the area. Even if they are not involved in myna control activities, the council officers may know how you can obtain a PeeGee (or other) trap in the area. The Men’s Sheds in your neighbourhood may be making, or able to make, a PeeGee trap. 

Otherwise, if you are passing through Canberra contact CIMAG to arrange to get one.

Build your own:

Alternatively, you can build a trap from the plans on this website. The PeeGee trap – the commonly used trap – can be put together by a reasonably handy person in around 3-4 hours.

If you want advice on building your own, phone 0438 292 003 or email